It’s MADNESS all over the place around here! Fug Madness! March Madness! Regular old madness! Let’s soothe our furrowed brows with the following:

– Speaking of March Madness, this is THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED: Famous March Madness Moments, recreated with Legos. (Including my favorite moment ever.) Please go look at this, basketball fans. IT RULES. (Vulture)

– This review of a beloved, yet terrible, French restaurant might be the best bad restaurant review I’ve ever read. (Vanity Fair)

– This is a wee bit old, but it’s a good read about four awesome/fashionable women in their 40s, and what their age means to them, as a person, and in terms of fashion. For those of us who are not yet 40 but who are beginning to realize that we EVENTUALLY WE WILL BE (I am 35), it may help dial-down the freak-out. (Refinery29)

– Rumor has it that a variety of British designers are getting their knickers in a twist over Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. I can not wait for that wedding. Seriously. (Lainey)

– Speaking of the Royal Wedding, if you can’t go, maybe you should knit your own. OH YES. If only I could knit. (Telegraph)

– Speaking of weddings in general, is J Simp getting cold feet about marrying WhatsHisNuts? I’ll believe it when I see it. I think her cold feet will suddenly get NICE AND WARM as soon as Lachey actually marries WhatsHerFace. (Celebitchy)

– ALT and Tyra made a video about why trenchcoats are awesome, and, honestly, it’s kind of totally hilarious.  They’re two minutes away from having a buddy comedy. (Styleite)

– This is an interesting piece about a man who’s writing an oral history of break-ups. It sounds kind of brutal. (In a fascinating way.) Like a bad break-up, honestly. (NY Times)

– Holy cow, these old snaps of Madonna are kind of amazing. I miss her old face. I love her old eyebrows. (Tom and Lorenzo)

– Can I interest you in a $3000 pair of shoes that make you look like you have horse hooves instead of feet? Hello? Anyone? Hello?  Where did everyone go? (BBC)

– This dude has Julia Roberts’ face tattooed ALL OVER HIS BODY. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS AT ALL. (Flavorwire)

– If people seem to be acting extra crazy this weekend — like, if your bestie decides to get a tattoo of Julia Roberts on her chest – you can blame THE SUPERMOON. (Yahoo News)

NY Mag has a really interesting, and honest,  and quite juicy interview with Jason Patric. I once witnessed him being a TOTAL JACKASS at a bar, many many years ago, but he seems to have gained some perspective in the intervening years, though he’s still not pulling any punches. Also, he hates Lady Gaga. (NY Mag)

– This Lego/ball contraption is SO COOL. I want one for my coffee table. (Gizmodo)

– And this is the part of the week where I remind you for the 10,000th time that Heather and I have a young adult book, SPOILED, coming out in June! You know, just in case you hadn’t heard. You can just ignore me if you are well aware. We just want you to have beach-reading! We just want you to be HAPPY.