Have fun this St Patrick’s Day, Fug Nation! Don’t get too drunk, but if you do,  please drunk-tweet us that you love us. You know we love you too. While you’re waiting to get your green beer on:

– This piece on how John Carter’s marketing doomed it — and what went wrong with it — is totally fascinating. (Vulture)

Your Prince Harry Update: Talking to a Drunk Girl in a Stairwell. Wow, the paps in England have some ACCESS. Of course, I learned that from recapping the moving Lifetime movie about William and Kate. (Lainey)

This story about cookbook ghostwriters is juicy! No pun intended. (NY Times)

– I love that WWD did a story about the style evolution of madames. (WWD)

– The fact that Chad Michael Murray has been cast as Spider Elliott in the new adaptation of Scruples is basically THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED. SERIOUSLY. HE’S ALL WRONG. (THR)

– The Hollywood Reporter’s piece on the 25 Most Influential Stylists is totally relevant to your interests. (THR)

Simon Doonan is a delight. (Refinery 29)

This interview with Fug Fave Solange is also a delight. Some highlights: in reference to Net-a-Porter, “I made the biggest mistake of introducing that to my sister, and she’s just been out of control…out of control. It’s just out of control,” and re: her clothing, “I just want to do the fun shit..” (Time Out New York)

– Man, all the interviews that Kristen Johnston has been doing about her drug addiction have been compelling. You guys, her stomach exploded. Intense. (The Fix)

– Flavorwire compiled a list of the most powerful fictional women in literature, and Stylist UK put together a list of 25 kick-ass TV heroines. Lists! Ladies! (Flavorwire, Stylist)

– I made a really loud squealing noise when I saw the picture of this baby cloned pashmina goat. It’s so cuuuuuute. Is it weird that I really want a goat? (Time)

Meryl Streep is a mega-bitch to her Connecticut neighbors, says one neighbor. I like to respond to that headline thusly: “Meryl Streep, why are you such a mega-bitch?” “BECAUSE I CAN BE.”  But it’s damning, you guys. To wit: ” You’ll see her bike through town in a flowing dress and a straw hat. ” NO NOT A STRAW HAT. THAT BITCH. (Celebitchy)

– While we’re deep into Fug Madness — have you voted?? — PBS is covering our other favorite subject. Behold: SANDWICH MADNESS. (PBS)