Happy weekend! FYI: The Tonys are Sunday, so make sure to come by on Monday to see what everyone wore!

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On to the links!

– This is fascinating, at Racked: Weddings of the 0.01 Percent

– Fascinating in a totally different way is this neat project from Lochcarron of Scotland. It’s an interactive clan battlefield map of Scotland. You can even filter by Outlander battle!

– On the weddings topic — tis the season! — the ladies of Revelist took Forever21’s new $50 bridesmaid dresses for a ride.

– Lainey goes deep and involved into the latest developments in the Katy v. Taylor feud, and it’s v. compelling. As I said on our Facebook page yesterday, these two ladies need some couples therapy.

– Lainey’s also got some dish on the latest in J Lo/A Rod.

– I loved this, at Into The Gloss: Pairing face masks with their ideal wine.

– Because it’s summertime, this seems apt (at Refinery29): Customers Reserve These White Jeans Over A Month In Advance 

– And you need something to wear with your jeans! Girls of a Certain Age has rounded up 15 striped tees.

– I will just quote Jezebel’s own headline here: Check Out This Incredible Online Fashion Archive and Kiss Your Productive Afternoon Goodbye 

Curbed has rounded up 101 ways to fight climate change and because I am a very lazy person, I am qualified to inform you that at least half of this list is honestly REALLY EASY.

– Via Celebitchy, apparently Jon Hamm is sad about being single. I am happy to help him out with this.

– Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with articles about menu- and meal-planning, even though I am terrible at the latter? I AM. So I enjoyed this, at Cupcakes and Cashmere, very much.

– Decider lists The 50 Most Important LGBTQ TV Characters of All-Time.

– At Pajiba: What Script Was So Bad, It Drove Reese Witherspoon to Start Her Own Production Company? We need to know!