Another week in the books! Please enjoy:

– I LOVE the series on Vulture where Dave Holmes talks about the top forty songs of a week in history. This week, it’s June 16, 1990. For example, “One of the ’90s’ great mysteries is the enduring popularity of Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet,” a Contempo Casuals leather jacket of a song that you will hear every karaoke night to this day,” and “Nikki looked like Lovesexy-era Prince, sounded like Tommy Page, probably got played on John Garabedian’s “Open House Party” a few times, and then went on to marry Martika, which is a fact I am just learning right this second and which is ripping my head right off my neck with its pure uncut 1990-ness..” READ IT.

– A few weeks ago, I linked to The Hollywood Reporter’s actresses round-table, and today I bring you the dudes. HAMM INCLUDED. Spoilers if you’re not caught up with The Newsroom, Ray DonovanMasters of Sex, The Normal Heart or, of course, Mad Men.

– Speaking of, Mad Men’s Emmy ads are pretty awesome. (Vulture)


Los Angeles has a great article about how to hide a pregnancy on TV.

– You will enjoy this interview with Joe Manganiello. (Buzzfeed)

The whole scandal over the Qatar World Cup gets more and more fascinating. It’s like a documentary unfolding in front of us. I hope someone is making one. (Telegraph)

– WRT to the above, The NYT’s original match-fixing investigation is riveting.

The Los Angeles Times has a great round-up of summer books. BOOKS YAY BOOKS!

– In the current Redbook, Melissa McCarthy drops a bomb: ” Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers—very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people—and they all said no.” You know what? EFF THOSE GUYS. Seriously. First of all, if you’re a good designer, you ought to be able to dress a woman beautifully no matter what her weight. Second, if you’re a good businessperson, you should realize that Melissa damn McCarthy showing up at the damn Oscars looking damn good in your design is ONLY GOING TO HELP YOU, YOU NITWIT.

The Guardian interviews Joan Collins and she is amazing.If you could edit your past, what would you change? Several husbands.”

– Lainey says any divorce rumors swirling around Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are BS, which is nice to hear.

– You’re going to be all over this, some of you I HOPE LITERALLY: 180 Hot Soccer Players to Watch During the World Cup. (Racked)

– I watch a lot of TV, and it’s true. Even I am not watching any of these 35 Least Watched Shows on TV. (Buzzfeed)

Elle’s 24 Hair Hacks are actually quite useful.

– In honor of her being on their current cover, Vogue UK did a retrospective of Christy Turlington. You always were my favorite super, Christy.

– I’ll just leave this here: Jem, the Truly Outrageous, Triple-Platinum ’80s Rocker Who Nearly Took Down Barbie. (Collectors Weekly)

Vanity Fair has a great Making Of for Ghostbusters.

This is a wonderful long-form piece about beloved broadcaster Vin Scully, which you will enjoy even if you are not a Dodgers fan. BUT I LOVE YOU THE MOST, VIN. (SB Nation)

– The Cut has compiled a list of Crazy Celebrity Wedding Locales.

– Here’s Bradley Cooper in VERY TIGHT short shorts. ENJOY! (Celebitchy)

– Peter Dinklage’s high school photo boasts the MOST AMAZING hair. (Pajiba)