Another week down! Congrats on making it through — well, almost through, as I suspect you are surreptitiously reading this at work. Until the factory bell rings, please distract yourself with the following:

Heather and I will be reading and signing SPOILED on SATURDAY at Vroman’s in Pasadena at noon! Please come down and say hello, and get a free bottle of OPI nail polish! We’re coming to the Bay Area next week, so hold tight Northern Californians. (And, of course, you can always buy the book at Amazon, B&N, Target, your local indie bookstore, etc etc etc etc.) PLEASE NOTE: I ORIGINALLY SAID THE SIGNING WAS SUNDAY, BUT THAT IS WRONG. IT IS SATURDAY. SATURDAY. SATURDAY.

– Heather and I once chatted with Irina Lazareanu at a Marchesa show — she had no idea who we were, obviously — about how terrible it was that the models at said show were passing out in their insanely huge shoes, and how tough the modeling industry is on young girls. She was clearly smart, sympathetic, and pretty awesome. She’s doing more of the same here. (Styleite)

– Is your local movie theater on this list of the best ones in America? Los Angeles got two! (Flavorwire)

– Lainey got first-hand deets about the event Wills and Kate attended this week. It’s sort of adorable. Bonus: apparently Colin Firth was also there. (Lainey)

– J Lo’s first husband is peddling a story that La Lopez practices Santeria and is involved in animal sacrifices. To which I say: that might explain why she’s been looking so GOOD lately. Do what you gotta do, girl. (Celebitchy)

– Here are some cats sitting on tiny cat furniture. (Buzzfeed)

– OTH’s Sophia Bush wrote about her attempts to visit Afghanistan for Marie Claire; it’s interesting. (Marie Claire)

– You may have read about this piece in the Wall Street Journal that wondered if YA fiction is too dark now. Linda Holmes had a great response to it over at NPR. (Monkey See)

– Um, you clearly need to read this: Top Ten Best Things Dylan McKay Has Ever Said. Although I would argue that number one ought to be his answering machine message. Don’t front: you know what it is. (Hello Giggles)

– This is brilliant. In honor of Masked Jeff — the dude on the Bachelorette who lasted TWO WHOLE WEEKS WEARING A FREAKING MASK ALL THE TIME and then took it off and then got booted, hee — Vulture puts masks on other famous romancers. Let me just tell you, Rhett Butler can work a mask! He looks like Zorro. (Vulture)

– Speaking of Rhett Butler, you want to read this piece about the SCANDALE the dude got up to back in the olden days. Hollywood was so much more interesting before the internet. (The Hairpin)