Hope everyone in the US had a great 4th yesterday, and that the rest of you are managing to eke your way to the weekend without too much pain and agony.

– May I remind you that you have until Sunday to enter to win signed copies of SPOILED and MESSY?

– Speaking of books, Vulture put together a great list of summer reads. I broke my foot this week, and I have to say that the only plus has been that I am basically required to just sit around and read. (Vulture)

The drapery costumes from Sound of Music are up for auction. You guys, Heather’s birthday is coming up!! (Los Angeles Times)

– I’m sure you heard that Kerry Washington pulled off a secret wedding last month (to the dismay of the superfans who think she’s secretly boning Tony Goldwin). She’s clearly learned something from Olivia Pope. Mazel tov! (Lainey)

– In honor of the holiday, Grub Street presents 14 Terrifyingly Awesome New State-Fair Foods for 2013. I will eat (a bite) of each! (Grub Street)

– What to drink with your deep-fried bacon cannoli? Thrillist created a map of each state’s most iconic booze company and it is awesome (Texas is Shiner Bock, obviously, for example).

– Speaking of beers, Deadspin ranked 36 cheap American ones. I concur that Keystone is the WORST and Coors is actually pretty good. (I have a secret love of cheap beer.) (Deadspin)

– I’m sure you want to see the official pictures of the Avril/Nickelback nuptials.  Those of you who follow us on Twitter (we’re @fuggirls) know that we also got an email saying they were “officially Canada’s royal couple!” I feel like (a) Kate and Wills, and (b) CANADA AS A WHOLE might disagree. (Celebitchy)

– Pajiba gives love to Nick Miller — er, Jake Johnson — whom they call “this strange, angry beardo.” In a good way! I love you, Nick Miller. Which says a lot about my issues, but whatever. (Pajiba)

– This is fun. Elle took the most famous celeb from each state and pitted them head to head. How can I even choose between Octavia Spencer and Channing Tatum??! That’s just Alabama! (Elle)

18th century slang, you red-heeled huzzies! (Time Newsfeed)

– This is funny; Book Titles With One Letter Missing. (Pleated Jeans)

– And, finally, Grantland’s great take on the first week at Wimbledon — which was brutal. (Grantland)