I mean, I suppose it’s possible that she’s just doing this to ruin my life.

OR HER OWN. Because it’s hard to understand otherwise why someone like Kristen Stewart — whose public image is of a sort of disaffected, slouchy cool girl — would wake up one morning and think, “you know who I ought to dress like more often? J LO!!!!!!”

Clothes say something about the person wearing them. Sometimes they say, “I didn’t really care about what I was wearing today.” Sometimes they say, “look at me!” Sometimes they say, “I am too cool to bow to your CONFORMIST IDEALS OF BEAUTY.” Sometimes they say, “I like sparkly things” or “my husband’s in line to inherit the throne so I can’t be too crazy” or “Hey, I just attacked that dude with my umbrella.” And this says a lot of things, but few of them seem to be something that an actor like Kristen would want to say at what is essentially a PR event for her, up to and including, “I’ll wear an ABSURD outfit for money/attention.” I mean, when she sported this HEINOUS MONSTROSITY at the very least you could assume it was a statement along the lines of, “I will not dress like a depressed cloistered nun just because I made out with a dude who is not my boyfriend” and I can sign off on that if nothing else. But this? Oh honey no.

It ain’t too hot from the back, either:

Can we just pretend this never happened?

[Photos: Splash]