Happy Royal Baby Week! Have a Pimm’s along with the following:

– You definitely want to watch this video of Prince Harry talking about Prince George. (Lainey)

– Speaking of George’s aunts and uncles, this is a fascinating piece about how the English press/public has turned on Pippa. (NY Times)

– Reading the new prince’s astrological chart. “This combination creates a superbly competent monarch indeed, but also a complicated personality: Under his coat of armor, he is in fact quite deep and emotionally intense. Growing up there will be inner conflict, as the Sun opposes the Moon at his birth. He will have difficulty satisfying both his need to be an individual and the responsibility of his birthright.” (The Cut)

– This is a very interesting article about the origins and references of Prince George’s name. Including “the first Prince George of Cambridge..was born in 1819 and refused to have an arranged marriage. He wed a commoner for love.” AW! Okay, I’m with you, I’m with you. Then, “despite his marriage, George had a wandering eye and soon after he wed he took up with mistress Louisa Beauclerk, who remained his lover for more than 30 years…He was said to have been a disciplinarian, who believed Army promotions should be based on social connections rather than ability.” And then you lost me. Here’s hoping the new Prince George of Cambridge is more awesome than that. (The Daily Mail)

Over on our Facebook, we’ve been playing with this for days: the Royal Name Generator.  All hail Empress Aquarius The Mostly Victorious! (USA Today)

Kimye have gone and (allegedly) bought gold-plated toilets. I can not stop laughing. (Celebitchy)

– I LOVE the feature on The Cut where Rebecca Harrington tries a variety of cracked out celebrity diets of past and present. This time, she tries Madonnna’s. Newflash: IT’S THE HARDEST.  Rebecca Harrington is extremely funny. (The Cut)

A British brewery has created a special beer for Prince George. I love all this varied baby swag. (Time)

Noah Wyle, 20 years later, can still recite his monologue from the ER pilot. I don’t remember what I had for lunch on Wednesday. (Pajiba)

Mindy Kaling’s super cute in this interview with Warby Parker (the also super cute glasses company). Anyone who loved Harriet the Spy is right with me. (Warby Parker)

– Wow, Lana del Rey does NOT like Lady Gaga. (Flavorwire)

Maclean’s did a whole piece on the upswing of the tiara! (In which I am quoted, sounding like quite the wordsmith, suggesting people “just stick giant diamonds in it.”) You’ll enjoy it; it’s very interesting. (Maclean’s)

– Speaking of tiaras, the Telegraph did a whole slideshow of terrible celeb wedding dresses, and while I disagree with a couple of them (Princess Diana’s was THE BOMB to me at the time; I was, however, 5 years old), you guys HAVE TO SEE Emma Thompson’s at her marriage to Branagh. IT’S AMAZING. (Telegraph)

– This “sandwich book” — actually a work of art, truly – is AWESOME. (Colossal)

– I love this! Curbed LA put together The Ultimate Clueless Map, including the stop sign where Cher totally paused. But hold the phone: Cher’s house is actually in…ENCINO? WHATEVER. (Curbed LA)

–You might want to watch the trailer for the Julian Fellowes Romeo and Juliet adaptation, starring Hailee Steinfeld as perhaps film’s first age-accurate-ish Juliet. It looks kinda good, you guys. And also a little bit like Old Timey SUPER High-Stakes Gossip Girl, although perhaps that’s just because Ed Westwick (and his SWOONY real British Accent) is playing Tybalt. I missed you, Chuck Bass. (Celebuzz)