I feel like the entire world is out of town. Keep yourself company with the following:

– This montage of all — ALL, not just clothing — the brands ever mentioned on Sex and the City, in alphabetical order, is amazing and also surprisingly really funny. (Who What Wear)

– I have THOUGHTS about the 50 Shades of Grey trailer, and they’re many and varied and confused. Like, “Jamie Dornan is so hot,” This looks ridiculous,” “I really LOVE ‘Crazy in Love’,” and “I really can’t stand this shit where Dakota Johnson’s character is so mousy and sad. I prefer my heroines sassy and strong.” (The AV Club)

Anne Helen Peterson’s History of TMZ is one hell of a good read. (Buzzfeed)

The Hollywood Reporter is doing a feature called 5 days of Shoes, and it’s fun. SHOES!

Britney has a lingerie line now, which seems like a good way for her to keep making money without actually having to get off the sofa (NO SHADE: THAT IS MY DREAM.) (Cosmo)

– We talked about Legos a bit in this week’s Royals Round-Up, and here’s some more of them. GOLDEN GIRLS LEGOS. IF ONLY. (Hello Giggles)

–Here’s the trailer for the Cumberbatch movie about Alan Turing. Cumberbatch! Knightley! Matthew Goode! BRANSON. (Vulture)

Elle looks at the on-screen style of one Ms Lisa Turtle.

– Grantland presents a 30 for 30 short about the inventor of the high five. I love a good high five.

– I also love this sort of thing: 11 Actors Who Amusingly Referenced Their Past Roles (Pajiba)

– Let’s read about the history of centerpieces! (Chairs & Buildings)

– This is good: 21 Actors Offer Their TV Characters One Piece Of Advice. Here’s what Nina Dobrev tells Elena Gilbert: ““Run. Like the wind. Get the f*ck out of that town.” (Buzzfeed)

– Caity Weaver over at Gawker took TGI Friday’s Unlimited Appetizers offer to the limit of her own sanity.

– How are they seriously making ANOTHER Pirates of the Caribbean movie?! (Lainey)

Would You Wear A Dress Made Of Condoms? Would you? (The Frisky)

– This Town & Country headline makes me laugh: The Most Ridiculous Names For Your Beach House. I secretly love “Vitamin Sea.”

– I love love love Summer Reading Lists. Glitter Guide has a good one.

– Did you know that Nordstrom has been featuring disabled models in its catalogs — with zero fanfare — since 1997? (Glamour)

– Hilariously, the National Enquirer claims that (a) Brad Pitt has a psychic and (b) Angie made him dump the psychic. It IS a slow news week. (Celebitchy)