It’s a good thing this week is over. I just tried to date this, “19-something.” UM. NO.

– Our intern’s bride-to-be takes on the father of our country in a WHO WORE IT BEST BATTLE FOR THE AGES. (Vanity Fair)

The New York Times hails The Return of the Scrunchie. AAAAAAAH. (They surprisingly do not mention Cressida Bonas.)

Who What Wear swears they have SOLVED HIGH HEEL FOOT PAIN with this trick. I haven’t tried it, but I’m going to. WE ALL SHOULD.

– I mean, OBVIOUSLY I’m going to direct you to a slideshow featuring The 50 Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time. (The Cut)

– You WILL want to read the History of the Caftan. (Collectors Weekly)

– Vulture spent four days with Solange, and took pictures of all of it.

– Over at Elle, Sally Holmes lived by her horoscope for the week. For example: “when my doctor called two weeks after the initial appointment to check in, I told him that yep, it looks like I am in fact allergic to that toothpaste. I decided not to tell him my horoscope thought so too.” It’s very funny.

– Sally ALSO wrote a great post about another Sally’s style, in honor of the anniversary of When Harry Met Sally.

– Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with baking things in muffin tins? I am. And here are a bunch of muffin tin recipes, if you are like me. (World Lifestyle)

–In light of recent convos, I think we’re all going to enjoy the following: 10 Characters Who Ended Up With The Wrong People. (Barnes and Noble Book Blog)

– OMG, Pajiba live-blogged I Know What You Did Last Summer.

– Weird Al’s pro-grammar “Blurred Lines” parody, “Word Crimes,” is unsurprisingly great. (Vulture)

— This is awesome. The Cut chatted up the costume designer who works on Masters of Sex.

– The snaps from Novak Djokovic’s wedding, sold to Hello!, are so dorky (in a heart-warming way) and sweet at the same time. I have great fondness for him. (Celebitchy)

– Here are some amazing celebrity pools. Did you know Drake has a swim-up bar?! (Curbed)

Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site is going to be called…PRESERVE. I guess nothing is really worse than GOOP? (Lainey)