It’s the weekend, at last. It’s been another difficult week for the world — I long for just one week devoid of tragedy, please, 2016. France, we are thinking of you. (And I literally just saw that something might be happening in Turkey?) As ever, I hope everyone in Fug Nation is well.

In case you need something to read:

– This piece at Harper’s Bazaar — Inside the World’s Chicest Cult – is SOMETHING. ELSE. For example: “At the end we aren’t allowed to leave for lunch until we have a proper group hug. We all pick and choose what we believe, but what I thought about with my dry eyes as women cried over tree reparations was that the oppression of fairy folk is pretty far down my personal list of priorities for getting the world in order.”

– At Lucky Peach, Nineteen of Roald Dahl’s Most Important Food Inventions

– At Esquire: The Greatest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories of All Time

– Lainey takes on Jennifer Aniston’s recent op-ed piece.

– I laughed out loud at the headline on this Racked piece: Choker Watch 2016: How Long Will They Still Be a Thing?

– In the run-up to the Olympics, an interesting story from the AP: In China, ‘Happy Gymnastics’ replaces grind of strict study

– Related, at The Gymternet: Gymnastics Hair: A Retrospective

– At Celebitchy, ALLEGEDLY the Jen Garner/Bffleck divorce IS off. We were JUST talking about this and my thought then was that this was just idle gossip, but now that Us Weekly AND People are touching it…Oh, Jen. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

– The Four Seasons Restaurant is closing forever tomorrow, and Town and Country put together a slideshow of archival photos. It’s neat — from vintage menus to Princess Anne.

– Relevant to our interests, at Pajiba:  Ranking the Men of Jane Austen By Swoon Factor

– At The New Potato, a salute to the bold lip.

In case you missed anything here at GFY, some highlights: