Let me just say, first of all, that Kristen Stewart has turned into a much more interesting person than I would have anticipated, say, eight years ago when Twilight came out.  Plenty of actors ended up in buzzy films in 2008 and have fallen off the radar entirely — a squizz through our archives proves that, if nothing else — and while I think that K Stew is decent in the Twilight films, I’m not sure they did her justice, and as a way of introducing her to the world at large, I think they (for a while) overshadowed her skills (and her otherwise interesting taste in projects). I don’t think she was wrong to take that part — it made her a huge star, and it made her enough money that she can basically take whatever parts she wants from now on.

That musing aside, I have to note that she looks BONKERS in this Chanel number:

I blame Karl Lagerfeld for this totally, obviously. It’s very evocative — a dash of Miss Havisham, a teaspoon of dominatrix, a giant handful of WTF — and it’s certainly not boring. It’s so not-boring, in fact, that it took me twenty minutes to realize that what I was seeing on her thighs were the inner-locking Cs of the Chanel logo, and not something written on the step-and-repeat behind her. Yes, for a whole I was trying to figure out how it was possible that Kristen Stewart, as a corporeal being, became partially transparent. I told you she was interesting.

[Photo: Getty]