Fingers crossed for 2017.

– This is a great piece at Elle, and — not for nothing — it’s also full of great book recommendations: My Year of Reading Books by Black Women

– And this is great essay, at Catapult: Why I No Longer Make Predictions

– Over at Lainey, she investigates this rumor that George and Amal are pregnant (!!!).

– ALSO at Lainey: We need to talk about this woman that Ben Affleck is allegedly “dating.”

– At Atlas Obscura, this is awesome: Mesmerizing Depictions of Magic and Witchcraft Throughout History

– This piece at The Hollywood Reporter about Miss Golden Globe is JUICY.

Harper’s Bazaar runs down 2016’s most stylish television shows.

– Here’s Margot Robbie practicing her skating moves for I, Tonya. What if it turns out to be a remake of I, Claudius but with Tonya Harding photoshopped in? Yes, that’s the nerdiest joke I’ve made so far this year. [Hello Giggles]

– Via Pajiba, this is a development in cell phone technology that I am dreading.

– This is fun, at Refinery29: Celebrities you didn’t know were related. I usually click into these things and think, “pish, I’m sure I know all of these” but I DID NOT.

– Over at The Stripe: I am FREEZING RIGHT NOW, and it’s been super rainy in LA. Shall we have a round of hot toddys??

Esquire suggests we watch the trailer for Idris Elba’s kickboxing documentary. OKAY. I mean, if you insist.

– Can I interest you in The 100-Year History of Marshmallow Fluff?? [Paste]

– LitHub presents The Many Bad Moms of Charles Dickens.

– At Celebitchy: this post by Diego Luna is very moving.

– Socialite Life brings us complete coverage of Chris Pratt’s Vanity Fair shoot.

The Titanic may not have been sunk by an iceberg? WHAAAAA. [Daily Break]

And around these parts, in case you missed them, some highlights:

Check out everything everyone wore on the 2007 Golden Globes red carpet.

We had a very fruitful and fun book chat full of excellent recommendations.

We made and solicited our predictions for who was going to win at the Globes this Sunday, both for movies, and in the TV categories. (If nothing else, click over there to see our new long-form story design!)

The W Best Performances covers are…worth a look.