Welcome back to the first Royals Round-up of 2017! It’s full of tiaras.

And if you were off on vacation during the holidays — lucky you! — we had a fair amount of royals coverage you might want to catch up on:

  1. Wills and Kate took George and Charlotte to church on Christmas Day, and it was — as you might imagine — super cute.
  2. We also featured a retrospective of British Royal Christmas Hand-Holding for your viewing pleasure.
  3. We also revisited our retrospective of Princess Anne Throughout The Years, if you missed it the first time.
  4. And Prince Harry is currently on the cover of Town & Country.

Elsewhere about the internets:

– In the Telegraph: Princess Diana’s letters about Prince Harry getting into trouble at school sell for five times more than expected. (They’re also about other things; she has the handwriting that every girl who was a teenager in the 80s wanted.)

– The Court Jeweller has good coverage of the New Year’s celebrations of the Japanese Imperial family.

Vanity Fair reports that Prince Harry has met Meghan Markle’s dad.

– This is interesting, at the National Post: What happens to Canada should Queen Elizabeth II die: The behind-the-scenes plans. You know I love logistics.

From Berkshire to Buckingham has the Cambridges’ Christmas Card. I enjoy that everyone except for Kate looks mildly stupefied with glee by the concept of balloon animals.

Queen Silva has announced that her castle is haunted, per the BBC. I’m sure it is, honestly.

And, of course, we’ve got some social media shenanigans for you. It cracks me up that the Brits did #bestnine:

Here is our #2016bestnine – thank you for an amazing year, and see you in 2017!

A photo posted by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) on

It makes me laugh that Rihanna and Chewbacca both made cameos in the Cambridges/Harry’s #bestnine: