Oh my gosh, I am ready to collapse. Heather and I turned in our new book yesterday and I am fried! (And I have a lot of actual news to catch up on.) Tomorrow is our first day off in a long time and my body is ready. However! The SAGs are on Sunday, so make sure you pop by on Monday for all the scoop.

We had some great chats this week, by the way:

What Are You Doing, Environmentally Speaking, in 2020?

Let’s Talk Podcasts (Again)

And, of great importance: Fug Nation Loves Work From Home Pants


This is a fascinating (and disturbing) piece, at the New York Times, about how high school history textbooks differ from state to state — not just two different textbooks. The allegedly SAME textbook.

This is extremely good, at Longreads: Whatever Happened to ______ ?

At Slate: Zoe Kazan was asked about her grandfather, Elia Kazan, at TCA this week — he, famously, reported on alleged Hollywood communists to Joseph McCarthy, and suffered for it. Her response is incredibly thoughtful and good.

Cosmo and Type Investigations spent a year investigating sexual abuse in the Amish community. (Please be aware that the resulting piece is absolutely harrowing and may be difficult to read.)

Very interesting, at UpRoxx: The Story Behind The Oscar-Nominated Production Design Of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

At Lainey, I am INTO THIS: Issa Rae + Kumail Nanjiani = Couple of the Year. (Fictionally speaking, of course. I’d never want to break up Kumail and Emily!)

At The Atlantic: What Captivates Children About The Snowy Day? (It’s the most checked-out book at the New York Public Library. Just thinking about The Snowy Day makes me feel happy and calm.)

I love this: How I Get It Done: InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown [The Cut]

At Jezebel: Inside the Spectacular Implosion at the Romance Writers of America

This is a very interesting piece at WaPo about the restoration of Notre Dame cathedral.

Romper asks: Why We Can’t Get Enough Celebrity Mom Cookbooks?

This is neat, at the LA Times: The Rise of the Dancefluencer. (I love following dancers on Instagram. The Debbie Allen Dance Studio Insta, for example, is a DELIGHT.  The dancers are great, in general, but every now and then the posts are like tiny babies tap-dancing.)

At Vulture: Every Brad Pitt Movie Performance, Ranked

At Atlas Obscura: For Sale: 500 Pounds of 20-Year-Old Cheddar

I really enjoyed this piece at The New Yorker about Roberto, Helen Rosner’s Instagram-famous soup. (I’ve made it. It’s excellent and easy.)

Related, at Messy Nessy: So Cheese Rolling is an actual Sport and Everything is Wonderful