Happy Friday the 13th! Hope it’s lucky for you.

– May we all live a life a quarter as thrilling as that of Clare Hollingworth, the reporter who broke the news that WWII had started — the scoop of the lifetime — who died this week, aged 106. Her obit in the New York Times is amazing. To wit: “Ms. Hollingworth was never so happy, she often said, as when she was roaming the world equipped with little more than a toothbrush, a typewriter and, if need be, a revolver. Embedded long before the term was applied to journalists, she slept in trucks and in trenches, at times buried up to her neck in sand for warmth on cold desert nights. She once held off an armed Algerian policeman by threatening to hit him about the head with a shoe.”

I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to enter this contest to be Idris Elba’s Valentine. [Pret-a-Reporter]

– You guys will love this: Introducing Daliyah, the 4-year-old girl who has read more than 1,000 books. FYI: In addition to being brilliant, Daliyah is SO CUTE I CAN BARELY STAND IT. [Washington Post]

– Robin Givhan has a fascinating piece at WaPo about the politics of dressing first ladies.

– WHAT? Monopoly Will Let the Internet Vote to Replace All of the Board Game’s Classic Tokens. This is gonna end all Boaty McBoaterson. [Gizmodo]

Kiki Dunst and Landry are allegedly engaged, but Lainey has doubts. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

– One of my favorite newsletters is The Dry Down. It’s all about PERFUME, but so much more. Check it out, if you’re on the newsletter bandwagon.

You’ll enjoy this interview EW did with Tom Everett Scott about La La Land. I knew he was a That Thing You Do! reference.

– Revelist reports that you can stay at a B&B that’s meant to evoke Hogwarts. SOLD!

– I loved this, at Girls of a Certain Age: Your Work Capsule Wardrobe. (It’s one of the few versions of this kind of post that’s not, “first, buy a $5000 leather pencil skirt!”)

– Also over at Lainey, I covet this coat on Katie Holmes (who might be in Ocean’s 8, which does seem to have a LOT of amazing coats).

– At Celebitchy, I guess Lena Dunham is (at least half sarcastically) considering becoming a “crystal expert.” Okay, but WHO ISN’T?

– The New York Times has a very interesting essay about how to dress an actor who has a deal as the face of a brand without that actor looking bought-and-paid-for.

– Via Pajiba: All the Times Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Have Given Us Hope for Their Love This Awards Season

Vanity Fair has a really interesting profile of the formerly-super-famous society columnist Suzy.

– At Refinery29: The Best British Shows You Should Be Watching. TELL ME MORE.

– Over at The New Potato: Look at all these turtlenecks!

And, if you missed it here at GFY this week, we had TONS of Golden Globes coverage. Especially make sure you vote for the Best Dressed and the Worst Dressed of the awards!