Happy Oscars weekend! We will be live-blogging the red carpet for The Cut — I’ll toss up a link to it here, as well as on our Facebook page, when we have it — as well as tweeting up at storm, so please join us. It’s always a good time.

– Speaking of, our friends at The Cut call for the death of the mani-cam. (The Cut)

– This infographic, of every gown worn by every Best Actress winner ever, is, simply put, a total delight. (Stylist)

– This is a good bit from celebrity stylists about working The Oscars. Wise words from Anita Patrickson: “It’s just clothes, and we’re going to be fine.” (The Daily Beast)

–Oooh, goody: A History of the Vanity Fair Oscar party! (Vanity Fair)

– This week, over at Vanity Fair — speaking  of — we pondered the fate of two tieless talk show hosts in Who Wore It Best? (VF)

– Mr Mickey over at Paper gives some brilliant suggestions for the next season of Downton Abbey. HELL YES MITFORD SISTERS. (Paper)

– Leah Remini gave an illuminating interview to Jarett Wieselman about what Buzzfeed calls the “hardest year of her life,” AKA the Year She Told Scientology to kiss her ass. It includes a hilarious tidbit about J. Lo. (Buzzfeed, but not the section with the listicles and quizzes)

– Because we love you: Scandal paper dolls. Get your wine cardigan on! (Vulture)

– Los Angeles once employed an actual rainmaker. (LAist)

– I love Survivor and have watched almost every season (I think I missed two), but I’m nothing compared to Joe Reid, who brilliantly ranks every single one for The Wire. (The Wire)

– Mickey Rapkin (his book inspired Pitch Perfect) was an Uber driver here in Los Angeles for a week, and the story he wrote about it for GQ is kinda great. (GQ)

– The Airship asks — and answers, “How Many Drinks Does It Take To Make a Raymond Carver Story?” (The Airship)

– Rumor has it that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are dunzo. I hope this didn’t just ruin your weekend. (Lainey)

– Here’s an interesting piece on the rise (and fall) of SCTV. (Pajiba)

– Many of you emailed us about this: A four-year old and her mother make construction paper dresses daily, including replicas of ones you’ve seen on these very pages. (HuffP)

– Per Celebitchy, Kanye West has cast Kim Kardashian in his full-length ‘Yeezus’ movie. I am legitimately hoping this is true. This will be hilarious and majestic. It will make Liz & Dick look like Casablanca and I cannot wait to hatewatch it. (Celebitchy)