First off! THE OSCARS ARE SUNDAY. We’re live-blogging the red carpet for Vulture starting Sunday afternoon at 3pm PT (we’ll toss up a link here), and of course we’re be tweeting the hell out of it @FugGirls, so please join us. Next week will be MAJOR here at GFY, so make sure you pop by to weigh in on all the hits and misses. At some point, we’re also going to be revealing the cover of our new book — MESSY, which comes out in June — so it will be fun times and great excitement all around. We hope. BUT UNTIL THEN:

– This is a great piece about daytime dramas. Soap fans, read it. (New York Times)

– I suspect Downton Tabby Downton Abbey, but with cats – will appeal to several of you. (Vulture)

– Also appealing, perhaps to a different subset of you, is the fact that the dude who sung the song at the end of Teen Wolf — “Win in the End” — re-recorded a new version, except this time about Jeremy Lin. Called “Lin in the End.” I love people. If Jeremy Lin starts feeling weird every full moon, though, he should see a doctor. (Deadspin)

– Nothing makes me happier than the career revival of Joan Rivers. Ages ago, Heather and I got to work with her on TV Guide Channel, and she is AWESOME: gracious, friendly, a total pro, and wickedly hilarious. I’m so glad she’s back on top. ANYWAY, she also gave Time Out a tour of her closet. (TONY)

– We are obviously beyond excited about JK Rowling’s new book. (Lainey)

– Let’s look at some awesome shoes. (Fashion Etc)

– These are some delicious-looking Oscar-related recipes – double-baked Boursin souffles, thank you very much! – and I love the drinking game suggested, too. (Eatori)

– Surely you want to read about the SCANDALOUS DIARIES OF THE FAMOUS. They seems like it required caps lock. (Flavorwire)

– Are you in the market for a French village? One’s for sale! $440,000, with a castle AND a pool. That actually kind of sounds like a steal to me. Is it haunted? (Time)

Grantland visited the set of Parks and Rec. ADAM SCOTT I LOVE YOU. (Grantland)

– Speaking of real estate, don’t you want an apartment with a secret room? I do. (New York Times)

Did the Titanic sink because of an optical illusion? AWKWARD. (Smithsonian)

– Speaking of movies (er, sorta), The Fix takes a look at the best 12-step meetings…in movies. (The Fix)

– Everything I read about this Biel/Timberlake engagement just screams, DON’T MARRY HIM, GIRL. (Celebitchy)

– In the need of a good cry? I present this NPR story. It’s about basketball, but only technically. (NPR)