So, as semi-horrified as I am that Saturday Night Live invited Lindsay Lohan to host it in a little over a week (is it supporting, or enabling?), I actually think it might be a brilliant move for HER: If she tanks, she’s no worse off than she is now, in terms of public opinion; if she’s horrible to work with, a la the rumors about Paris Hilton, then professionally, again, LiLo will be pretty much where she is now. But if she nails it — and she has done well there in the past (she hosted three times in 2004-2006, and was present for a beloved crack-up), and if they thought she would embarrass them I suspect they wouldn’t have made the call — AND she’s willing to be a little self-parodying and self-deprecating, which I think she is smart enough to be, then everyone is going to start rooting for her again. And THEN people might actually want to work with her again. It might not be a win-win situation, but it’s probably no-lose.

Lindsay Lohan

And Lord knows girlfriend needs the boost, plus a day job might boot her out of this follicular rut. PLEASE.

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