Happy day after Valentine’s Day, Fug Nation! Speaking of holidays, this Monday is President’s Day in the United States, and we are taking the day off (also, we have to rest up for the OSCARS next Sunday). Celebrate by watching this Honda commercial where Lincoln and Washington slow jam, over and over again. And then pop back on Tuesday, February 19 for regular postings. Also:

– The Cut did this brilliant slideshow of Marc Jacobs’s front row over the last ten years. You need to take this journey back in time. (The Cut)

David Beckham takes Harper to lunch. She is clasping a flower. I die. (Socialite Life)

This dude ran out for milk but his car got stuck at 125 pmh. FOR AN HOUR. For some reason, I find this hilarious and I suspect that reason is because no one died. (The Atlantic)

Vulture poses the question, YOU’VE GOT MAIL V. SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. And I can’t believe there are people who think Mail  is superior! Heather and I went on a whole tirade about it, that culminated in Heather yelling, “IT’S CLASSIC ROSIE O’DONNELL” and then us collapsing in giggles. (Vulture)

– You will love this look at G-Rated Moments of Swoon in YA literature. You might even swoon. (Avidly)

– Did you watch the Teen Tournament on Jeopardy this week? Because it featured my favorite new person ever, Leonard. Leonard is a baller and I love him. (Grantland)

– This “fashion film” featuring Lizzy Caplan is a scream. (The Cut)

They are exhuming poet Pablo Neruda’s body as part of a murder investigation, which is fascinating all over the place. I love it when people don’t get away with murder. (Time)

I know you want to read the New York Times profile of Connie Briton, y’all. (NYT)

– Yikes, Charlie Sheen keeps loaning Lindsay Lohan money. This is going to end in tears. (Lainey)

This article about astrologer Susan Miller is a really good read. (The Cut)

Very Specific Rules from Real Libraries. (A note: I did NOT put this up to make fun of librarians, whom I adore as a group. I just really enjoy it when people make signs about rules, especially when those rules involve preventing bats from flying into anything. The comments are generally also interesting — lots of librarians weighing in about crazy shit going down at their library.) (Mental Floss)