Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you know that I love you.

I love you so much I want you to buy yourself a cozy cardigan.

Um, the Oscars were this past weekend? It feels 100 years ago. Anyway, catch up if you missed anything!

Every year I note that if I were the person who wrote on Parks and Rec who invented Galentine’s Day, I would be very annoyed that it’s been so highly monetized without my getting a cut. At the New York Times: Galentine’s Day Is Everywhere. Here’s Why.

This is such a good list, at Glamour: 19 Women of Color on the Books That Made Them Fall in Love With Reading.  (I totally forgot until I read this that I had that Ezra Jack Keats book about John Henry, and seeing the cover just tossed me into a total nostalgia hole.)

This is cool: ‘Parasite’ Director’s Korean American Interpreter Wants to Make Her Own Movie – About the Oscar Season. [The Wrap]

This is JUICY: The Chaos at Condé Nast. [NYT]

Roxane Gay wrote an excellent piece about Kobe Bryant’s death — and public reaction to it — at The Undefeated.

Also at The Undefeated: Dominique Wilkins on Michael Jordan and ‘the greatest dunk contest of all time’. (The photo they’re running with this piece is AMAZING.)

At Lainey: Dev Patel can get it in every era. AGREED.

At THR: The Hollywood Producer, the “Heiress” and a Very Personal Quest for Justice. This is super interesting, and y’all, if you meet someone who claims to be deposed royalty who also needs money from you, please feel free to email me and I will help you figure out if she’s lying about that.

Really interesting, at The New Yorker: A couple in China on Living (and Cooking) Under Coronavirus Lockdown

This is true, at The Cut: Jessica Simpson’s Music Deserves More Love. Pro-tip: ANYTIME you get an earworm, it can be ejected by listening to/singing along with J.Simp’s “A Public Affair.” That is not a joke. It truly works.

Also at the NYT, you’ll enjoy this, as it’s quite interesting and logistics-y: The Oscars Just Happened, and This Stylist … Stayed Quiet

Speaking of logistics, this interview with a cruise ship doctor on Slate is FASCINATING.

Also at Lainey: This Natalie Portman Cape Situation has really turned into A Thing.

At Celebitchy, this is nice news! Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas are expecting a bebe.

Over at Socialite Life, I have a lot of questions about this! There Could Still Be An Angelina Jolie Bride Of Frankenstein Movie