Happy Friday and I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was lovely, if you celebrate it.

Good news! Our annual GFY Gift Guide ran yesterday — I hope there’s something in there that’s perfect for someone you love.

In case you missed this all unfolding over the long weekend (as I did), this is very useful: What to Know About the Balenciaga Ad Scandal. I find it very hard to believe those grotesque ads didn’t go through multiple rounds of edits in house. I also think that it will be a very long time before we see a celebrity out in Balenciaga, which I suspect will have to pay some stylists to take the leap eventually. But I guess we’ll see.  [The Cut]

This is from last month, but someone recently emailed it to us and it’s so interesting: It’s Really Expensive to Be a Star. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of LOGISTICS, this is a super interesting piece on CNN about the recent state dinner at the White House.

I loved reading this and you will too: The Comeback of Ke Huy Quan. [Lainey]

So interesting: Skywriting was a dying art, but it’s taking off again. Here’s why! [LA Times]

This story is….wild: Bleeding the Beast: Crooked Cops, an Armenian Mob Boss, a $500M Scam and an Unlikely Love Story. [LA Mag]

I chortled about this, although I do not share these feelings: The New Wordle Editor Is Ruining Wordle. [Slate]

Sad news: Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie Dies at 79. [Pitchfork]

I know you’ll want to read this: The Jewelry at the White House Wedding. (And if you missed our coverage of the wedding, here it is!) [The Adventurine]

The Ringer wrote a profile of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone character as if he were a real politician and it’s very clever.

This is an INTRIGUING SUGGESTION: Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Bond? [Lainey]

And an equally interesting question: Are Viewers Over the Vampire Genre? [Pajiba]

Relevant to my interests:  Guide To Every Single Dangerous Liaisons Adaptation You Can Watch Right Now [T&C]

I KNEW IT: Why the worst recipes imaginable are blowing up on TikTok. [The Verge]

DO NOT SAY THIS: Will wild coffee go extinct from climate change? (Maybe not!) This is actually fascinating and also if we don’t have coffee in 2050, just put me on the ice floe. [Salon]

I’m too lazy to switch from cable. Also, I LOVE flipping the channels! Is it cheaper to have cable or streaming services? [Celebitchy]

This story about Shakira’s tax evasion charges feels complicated! [Socialite Life]

IMPORTANT: The 10 Best Versions of ‘Jingle Bells’ [Vulture]

Did I spend a LOT of time browsing Neiman Marcus’s “Luxury Gifts” section today? I sure did.  Some of it is like, normal luxury (like a beautiful Burberry trench) and then there’s a $15,000 bedazzled “Elton John piano box,” truly for the Elton fan who has everything. [affiliate link]

Also: Do I need a Breton top with a beaded bow on it? FOR THE HOLIDAYS? [affiliate link to Boden]

I’m gonna watch this the instant it comes out and I have NO SHAME! Should we recap this?

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