And we’ve entered the final month of this…extremely, uh, interesting year. Heather and I are aiming to get the GFY Gift Guide up and running for you guys early next week, so mark your calendars.

National Geographic wonders if you’d like to see some maps newly declassified by the CIA.

– This was beautifully written and absolutely heart-wrenching at Avidly.

– FASCINATING, at the New York Times: How to Hide $400 Million

– Lainey thinks Andrew Garfield is possibly carrying a torch for Emma Stone. Is it so wrong that I want them to get back together?!

– You will enjoy this piece about the intersection of sports and romance (novels), at The Cauldron.

– This is really, really interesting, at Vulture: Queen Sugar’s All-Female Directors on How the Show Gave Them Their First TV Jobs

– At Pajiba, this was A DELIGHTFUL response to a story that enraged me: Slate Thinks PMS Is Made Up. *cracks knuckles* So Let’s Talk PMS

– Did you see this pianist’s amazing riff on Mozart? It is astonishingly great. [Classic FM]

– Blessings upon my friend Joe Reid, whose piece at Decider at the best Monica episodes of Friends speaks to me deeply.

– LitHub wonders, Who is the Genius Behind Merriam-Webster’s Social Media?

– This has everything from Raspution to Crane Stationery heirs to silent film stars to minor royalty. A really interesting read at Los Angeles: How an Early Hollywood Family Became the Original Kardashians

COAT PORN at The New Potato.

– This headline made me laugh, at Celebitchy: Matthew McConaughey drives University of Texas students home unexpectedly. It’s actually a really nice story; he took a shift driving for the university’s service that insures students get home safely.

– Did you know that there are ‘Twin Peaks’ LEGO Minifigures?!? [Mental Floss]

– Finally, we got an email this week from a very lovely Fug National who wondered whether or not we’d be able to spread the word about her Donors Choose project, which aims to raise money for supplies for the kids in her classroom, who are very young special needs students. As I have mentioned here before, I think, I LOVE Donors Choose — it’s a wonderful way to directly help schools and students in your community (or whatever community you choose!) AND you get the cutest thank you notes from the kiddos. If you’re looking for a way to help the world a bit, you could certainly do worse.