Newsflash: The Emmys are a week from MONDAY. That makes me feel more like it’s almost fall than anyone going back to school, let me tell you. While you think about the unrelenting march of time, distract yourself with these:

– This is a video from Radio 1 but you probably want to watch it, as it’s Matthew Lewis acting out fanfiction about himself.  Well, technically about Neville and Harry. It’s quite, quite funny (and somewhat naughty, as you can imagine). Matt Lewis is VERY VERY CUTE. (YouTube)

– While we’re talking about Harry Potter, Book Riot has a great round-up of the new covers, and HP covers around the world.

– Do not pretend you don’t want to see Idris Elba shirtless in Details. (Lainey)

– Here’s a headline for you: Attic that inspired Jane Eyre’s ‘madwoman in the attic’ Bertha open for public tours. Reader, I loved the gift shop. (The Independent)

– Russell Brand’s piece on Robin Williams is wonderfully eloquent and beautifully done. (The Guardian)

– This is a fascinating conversation with the casting director for Orange Is The New Black. (Buzzfeed)

– All I want in this world is for Kanye to wear this tee-shirt covered in images of Kim crying. (People StyleWatch)

– Ten years later, Paper catches up with the cast of Napoleon Dynamite.

– In case you fall into a hole in the fabric of space and time, here are 9 Tips for Avoiding London Pickpockets from a 19th Century Guide, via Mental Floss.

– Also from Mental Floss, and in honor of back to school — also, making kids go back to school this week is insane to me. In my day, you didn’t go back to school until after Labor Day! Get off my lawn! Etc — The History of the Trapper Keeper. Oh god, I love school supplies. This article also just taught me that Pee Chee folders were only here on the West Coast! LEARNING.

– Apparently the new DanRad/Adam Driver/Zoe Kazan movie is GREAT and I am delighted because I like those people and also because I laugh in the ads every time DanRad inadvertently pushes that dude out the window. (Pajiba)

Lauren Bacall’s enduring style. (The Cut)


Harper’s Bazaar celebrated Audrey Hepburn’s birthday with 15 rarely seen photos.

– I should have shared this two weeks ago, but you’ll still live it: 82 of Oscar de la Renta’s best looks. (Elle)

The Fashion Spot talked to little kids about the new Fall fashion ad campaigns and the results are very amusing. For example, “I do like that the other girl is like, ‘Do I look bored to you? I’m just going about my day. Don’t think I’m boring like the other girl.’ And she’s not having a good day. I don’t like the clothes. “

–It’s the 30th birthday of the PG-13 rating and Flavorwire looks at 10 times the MPAA screwed it up.

Lifetime is making a movie-of-the-week about Brittany Murphy and although her father (with whom, I believe, she was not close in life) plans to sue, I must admit that I will totally watch this movie on Sunday while I’m doing laundry. There is some uproar about it, but this is exactly Lifetime’s bread and butter. Mysterious death based on a true story? That is LITERALLY what a Lifetime movie is. (Celebitchy)