Happy Friday! Enjoy the following while you spend the last few hours of your work day only pretending to work:

– Speaking of work, check out these photos of Desk Jobs Around the World. The Liberian Traffic Police headquarters has seriously great natural light. (Flavorwire)

– The Telgraph has an interesting interview with Diane von Furstenberg. That woman knows how to make a wrap dress, and give good sound bite.  (The Telegraph)

– Also a good interview: Russell Brand, whose autobios I really have to recommend. Okay, I haven’t read the second one yet, but My Booky Wook is laugh-out-loud funny. Here, he talks to New York. (New York)

– I kind of can’t believe that the tabloid cover featuring naked, pregnant Mariah Carey belongs to….Life and Style? No offense, L&S, but you guys thought it would go to US Weekly at least, too, right? (Lainey)

– The NY Times has an interactive program where we, the readers, get to try to balance the US budget. How hard could it be, right? RIGHT? (Hint: I said the phrase, “dude, this is hard,” after about six seconds. And then I went crazy with taxes, and I still could barely make it work. I would never get re-elected.) (NY Times)

– You clearly want to read about Francine Pascal’s own lavaliere. And the rest of her wardrobe. (Racked)

– Apparently, Victoria Gotti has handpicked Lilo — excuse me, JUST LINDSAY — to play her in a movie about John Gotti. Now, what you may not know about me is that I once worked on Growing Up Gotti and I am completely sure that the “connections” Victoria is talking about isn’t actually a reference to the Lohans being mobbed up, but because I think they used to be neighbors. Also: they have very similar extensions in right now. (Celebitchy)

– DEAR SWEET FANCY SANDWICHES: Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub and Worst Bachelor Ever Jake “Angry Pilot” WhateverHisLastNameIs are filming a reality show together. Is it too mean to wish for the earth to open up beneath them and swallow the three of them whole?(Refinery29)

– Apparently, if you want Conde Nast to pay you eight million dollars, all you have to do it invoice them. All over the world, freelancers are muttering, “yeah, I tried that.” (Forbes)

– I’m sure you’ve seen the Funny or Die video with Helen Mirren and Billy Crystal, When Harry Met Sally 2, but if you haven’t, it really is kind of inspired. (Funny or Die)