Don’t forget to pay your taxes, Americans!

– This is a super piece at Vox about the making of The Americans in which the reporter, Caroline Framke, shadowed the creative team for five months.

– This piece in the Tampa Bay Times about the lies of so-called  farm-to-table is really compelling.

– This is a wonderful piece at Refinery 29: The Ugly Reality Of Quitting Your Job & Moving To Paradise

Tessa Thompson has been cast in the new Thor, which is awesome news. (Lainey)

– Kind of thematically in keeping with Wills and Kate’s current tour, I enjoyed this at Design*Sponge: 10 Indian Ceramic Brands

– This is a lovely New York Times piece celebrating Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday! May she have 100 years more.

Kiki Dunst and Country Strong have broken up, which saddens me, because they were cute together and — obviously — I only want Kirsten to be happy. I don’t know what happened, but Team Dunst. (Celebitchy)

Potato pizza? YES PLEASE. (Smitten Kitchen)

– In which we learn that Anna Wintour has seated Idris Elba right next to her at the upcoming Met Ball, because she is human after all. (Fashionista)

– I’m simply going to quote this Gawker article: This Argument in British Parliament Is Just Extremely Good Shit

Thrillist has ranked all the Real Housewives, and I have NOTES. For one thing, there is WAY too much Miami on this list! NO Miami Housewife should be ranked above Alex McCord! I also — why I do understand the reasoning — do not like the #1 ranking, because I haaaaate her.

– Did you hear that AMC is considering allowed texting in movie theatres? I AM OUT. (Pajiba)

And, here at GFY, in case you missed it, some highlights: