Happy tax day, Americans! I hope you’re all getting huge returns! But if you’re not — even if you are — prithee distract yourself with the following:

– I listened to this mash-up of “Rolling in the Deep” and “Til the World Ends” about, oh, seventy-thousand times yesterday. (Buzzfeed)


– You guys! The beach house from Beverly Hills 90210 is for sale! It’s only nine million dollars! Let’s all pool our tax returns and buy it and make it GFY HQ! (People)

– We just have to save a grand so we can buy the Jelly Bean Resembling Kate Middleton. (Telegraph)

Marie Claire investigated, and it turns out Taylor Momsen is cuter when she’s TALKING in those crazy outfits than when she’s just standing around in them looking bummed. (I have to admit that I actually do really like the Pretty Reckless album. I know. But it’s true.) She also names Edie Sedgwick as a style icon, which DOES explain her hatred of pantaloons. (Marie Claire)

– Speaking of the terminally pantless: this interview with Lady Gaga might be the most annoying thing I have ever read. (Dlisted)

– I am sort of sorry I missed Tracy Morgan Jordan on The View.  Please tell me BabaWawa was there to preside over this convo with Sherri Sheppard examining whether or not he “stuffs his crotch.” (Huffington Post)

– Speaking of crotches (that’s my favorite transition ever), have you been wondering what to get for your Never Nude friend? WONDER NO MORE. (Styleite)

– Jennifer Lawrence looks, I have to admit, totally cute in Teen Vogue. (Celebitchy)

– Hungry? You will be after this slideshow of 101 of America’s best pasta dishes. Actually, I AM really hungry. Damn you, carbs! (Grub Street)

– Penguin has designed “hand-sewn” covers for some of their classics and oh my god, they are awesome. Book lovers, you will die. (The Atlantic)

– Speaking of books, how did I not know there was (essentially) a Choose Your Own Adventure for JEM (of “and the Holograms” fame)? I want to go to there. (Daisy Razor)

– Speaking of books so more, our YA novel, Spoiled, comes out in SIX WEEKS. Eee! Publisher’s Weekly swears that we “bring humor, heart, and formidable writing skills to this exuberant debut” and says that “the wit and depth the authors bring to the project won’t disappoint.” We can’t wait for you guys to read it. (Publisher’s Weekly)