And thus the longest week ever draws to a close. One of the reasons I think it felt so long is that we had a lot going on, MOST IMPORTANTLY the crowning of a new Fug Madness champion. If you have not treated yourself to this year’s One Fugging Moment video, there is no better way to close the week.

– Are you planning on attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books? Heather and I will be appearing on the YA Stage on Sunday, April 21st at 10:30! Come out and say hello.

– Apparently, aggressive gangs of pickpockets have taken over the Louvre. This is going to make an amazing subplot in Les Miserables 2: Mo’ Miserables. (Time)

– I love this blog about Jessica Fletcher’s fashion on Murder She Wrote.  Jessica Fletcher was elegant AND SMART.  (Mrs Fletcher’s Closet)

I’m pleased as punch that one of the new Arrested Development posters features my very favorite moment from the show. (That Lucille took her medication’s warning label not to mix it with booze as a “suggestive winky face.”) (Refinery29)

– Thanks to all of you who sent this in, because it’s terrific: Collectors Weekly visited the warehouse belonging to Joseff of Hollywood, a jeweler who created some of the most iconic pieces in film history. (Collectors Weekly)

– I just can’t stop giggling about this headline and I don’t know why: Avril Lavigne on her wedding to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger: it will be ‘spectacular’. I HOPE SO. (Celebitchy)

– Here’s your weekly Benedict Cumberbatch with bonus Martin Freeman. (Lainey)

– You probably want to see the new trailer for the Michael Douglas/Matt Damon Liberace movie. (Deadline)

This is a great interview with Molly Ringwald, in which her daughter shows great wisdom and announces she is Team Duckie. (Vulture)