Apparently, when Prince Harry came to the States for the wedding and stopped first in Miami, he met Katie Cassidy. And clearly it scrambled her brains, because now she has these pants.

The CW hasn’t released trailers for iZombie and The Messengers yet, so there was only The Flash and Jane The Virgin to view. The latter is about a girl who’s never had sex who gets accidentally inseminated by her doctor, or something, and I KNOW, it’s TV, it’s fake, but I don’t think I can get over the sheer amount of stupidity it would take on all fronts for that to happen. And The Flash stars Grant Gustin, who was one of the Warblers at Dalton on Glee, and seems to have decent charisma, and I actually think this looks a LOT less self-important and dull and dark than Gotham. But I am bored of superheroes right now. They’re EVERYWHERE. OVER IT.

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