Anthony Barr was not picked first. He did not attend the draft, or at least, he’s not in our subscription. He did, however, days before, attend an event at a Subway store that had SCULPTED HIM OUT OF VEGETABLES. (Apparently this has happened to other guys in the past, also.) Listen up, NCAA athletes: You, too, can someday be featured first in our draft slide, if you just make smart choices.

(Sorry I’m so late with this. Book deadline + ACK = I only watched the third day.)(But the third day was enough, because of Michael Sam, and if you haven’t seen the footage of him weeping and kissing his boyfriend then FIRE UP YOUR KLEENEX because it’s a doozy¬†and ESPN’s Trey Wingo smartly does not yap over it while it plays out, and that makes it so much more powerful.)(And he got a standing ovation from fans in all jerseys at the actual draft in New York.) (And also MMQB did a story on the drama of even getting the footage to ESPN, thanks to weather issues.)

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