This is the so-called British society wedding of the year, the Melissa Percy And Thomas Van Straubenzee Wedding, where Harry was Torn Between Two Lovers, Feeling A Fool while Kate sat at home on the Chesterfield and ate a whole bag of Doritos while catching up on The Only Way Is Essex.

Honestly, though, I do love a Society Wedding, mostly thanks to years and years of reading books at which society weddings were interrupted by MURDER or the revelation of AN AFFAIR or they weren’t interrupted but were instead ruined when the bride’s true love — ASSUMED DEAD! — showed up at the reception at Whatever Castle ALIVE, having WALKED HOME from France! Or the like. They seem ripe for drama, at least in my imagination. Hello! (obviously) has the most breathless details, whereas The Daily Mail has informed me that the reception was at the bride’s ancestral home — her father is the Duke of Northumberland — which we’re all familiar with given that IT IS HOGWARTS.

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