First of all, and most importantly, Happy Summer Solstice! Go out and enjoy it. But, as Julie Chen would say, first:

– I know you. And I know you’re going to want to read an article called Prince Harry’s Love Triangle. (It’s NOT with Kate and William. This time.) (Lainey)

– You probably want to see this baby liliger (that’s the offspring of a liger [a lion/tiger mix] and a lion). (Time)

Mad Men Screenshots with Things Drawn On Them. It’s exactly what it sounds like, but more fun than that. (Er, spoilers if you’re not all caught up, obviously.) (Mad Men Screenshots With Things Drawn on Them.)

– I enjoy any interview with Courtney Love. She uses the word “malarky” in this one. She also quotes Flaubert. She’s got a book coming out; I am obviously going to read it. (Flavorwire)

– I’m so sad about James Gandolfini. 51 is too young. Jezebel ran this clip from his Sesame Street appearance and, damn, even his work on Sesame Street was actually really nuanced (and sweet).

– Speaking of Gandolfini, Matt Zoller Seitz’s remembrance of him on Vulture is lovely, interesting, and well-worth a read. (Vulture)

– Speaking of remembrances, do you need to sob at your desk today? Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his mother, who died recently, is beyond moving. We should truly all be so lucky as to be so lovingly memorialized. (Gawker)

– Crying yet? It might make you feel better to watch this old Daily Show clip where Stephen (and Jon) totally loses it when eating a banana. It’s my personal go-to cheer-up. (Daily Show)

– This is a dramatic and fascinating story from a man whose mother was the mistress of the owner of Clifton’s Cafeteria — which is/was a famous but long-closed LA landmark (due to reopen soon, and I can’t wait [though I haven’t been into a Clifton’s since I was literally like 4 years old). Regardless of the local interest, it’s a very good read. For example: “I have photo albums of their vacations together, all meticulously compiled by Clinton’s dutiful wife. The pictures show the strain of being a player in one of L.A. history’s most bizarre trios. When traveling, they’d get two rooms, and Clinton would have playdates in one while sleeping in the other, sister wives–style. Mother did her part by gleefully converting to Christianity, accepting Jesus Christ as her savior and working hard to transform a situation so inherently awkward into one that felt downright wholesome (at least to two of the three participants).” Good stuff. (LA Weekly)

I think we can all agree that North West (NORTH WEST, YOU GUYS. NORTH WEST) might be one of the worst celebrity baby names ever. I really thought the influence of Kourtney — whose children have totally normal, real-person names — would prevail here and Baby Kimye would end up being named, like, Katherine. BUT NO. North West. I can not. (Celebitchy)

– This is the best. Lindy West tried all kinds of celebrity liquors and filmed the results. She is a delight and the liquors seem DISGUSTING. (Jezebel)

– I suspect you will be as mesmerized as I am by this gif of Aaron Tveit winking. I guess I should be watching his TV show. USA, you’re so good at bringing us cute dudes in suits. (Pajiba)

– I’m just going to leave you with this majestic Us Weekly headline: Tyra Banks Considers Stealing a Stranger’s Bacon. (Us Weekly)