Interestingly, and you’ve probably read this somewhere, Michelle Obama didn’t wear a Cuban-born designer while IN Cuba. She did don Narciso Rodriguez to get off the plane in Argentina, though. And certainly she’s not required to tailor her choices to what designer was born where; it’s mostly only noteworthy because they do tend to put a lot of thought into this stuff, and nothing (likely) happens in her wardrobe¬†by accident. So I can’t imagine it escaped any of them that she didn’t wear Narciso in Cuba, and thus I wonder if she had one in tow for the State Dinner, for example, and the Naeem was a backup, which she went to for any number of reasons (fit, travel wrinkles, weather — who knows). We’ll never know, I guess.

Also, yes, Mr. President DID dance the tango:

It begins at about the 33-second mark.

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