Historically, as far as Halloween goes, Heidi Klum never disappoints. Which is I guess why she gave us like six of her this year? The Internet seemed unmoved by this, and I can’t say I disagree. She didn’t have to do anything to pull off this costume, really — and that’s fine for mere mortals, but Heidi’s trained us to expect MAJOR COSTUME SHENANIGANS.  I’m sure you recall when she went as the old woman, but remember her amazing butterfly costume? She usually brings it — major construction, real creativity, and a total lack of vanity it. This year, I am not sure it has been broughten. She also didn’t arrive at her party until midnight, which, dude, it’s a school night! We cannot all stay up all night waiting for you to reveal yourself in a leotard, lady! (She also, on Twitter, said her costume was “courtesy of Booking.com.” Did you…SELL SPONSORSHIP RIGHTS TO YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME, Heidi?  SERIOUSLY? And then deliver a leotard? You are better than that.)

This, on the other hand, is REALLY good:

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And, another view so you can see Blue Ivy’s cute little face:

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I kinda want that jacket.

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