This show happened on the same day as Yeezy Season 4, which was by all accounts a nightmarish shitshow of Kanyepic proportions. The great Booth Moore (formerly of the LA Times) wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter contrasting the two experiences, in which she pegs the only common ground as “celebrity”:

The presentation raised eyebrows — and concerns. It was late, as in nearly two hours late, leaving guests crowded behind barricades in the afternoon heat. After the presentation began, the models suffered even more; some passed out. Another hobbled so badly in her boots on the final walk, it was like watching someone being tortured. Finally, Bergdorf Goodman fashion director Bruce Pask came to her rescue and helped her along. […] Cut to midtown at cocktail hour. Ford set up his show to mimic an Oscar party, complete with a red carpet, and a seasoned Golden Globes vet working 22 cameras to film the runway show for a live stream at, moving seamlessly from runway to reaction shots from the crowd.

Tom Ford also got a MUCH starrier turnout, which speaks volumes about what Kanye’s celeb buddies are really willing to tolerate. I’m wondering if we’re at the point where the media should simply decline to attend future Yeezy shows. Nothing would rankle the attention-hungry more than every single media outlet sending its regrets, leaving Anna Wintour alone on a bench, cheek-to-buttock with the standing-room rabble brought in to fill seats.

[Photos: Getty, Tom Ford]