When I squawked to Jessica that she NEEDED to see what Sarah Drew wore to this movie premiere, she took one look at it and frowned and said, “I think she’s WEARING it wrong.” At which we then laughed, “Which thing?”

I mean, HONEY. She is so adorable, and seems so happy, and this is SO UNFORTUNATE. It’s a giant doily and prom shoes, and maybe on their own I wouldn’t have minded — wait, check that, I still would have thought she looked like a bride at an Upper East Side toga party, where they use things like lace table runners instead of 140-count sheets. But take all that and THEN add a fascinator that looks like she tried to cut bangs and then had a bleaching accident, and you have  a fluttery pile of no.

Shouldn’t that be pointing the other way? Or be worn on the back of her head instead of the front? Or still at home, sitting on her vanity, free to live its life away from the public eye — and specifically, away from her public left eye? Also, doesn’t it kind of tickle? And isn’t her mascara getting stuck in it? What if there is a breeze? Does it seem like in the close-up she’s got slight manic eyes, as if she’s secretly aware that wearing a hairy fascinator was not a fun idea but in fact a total freaky pain in the forehead? QUESTIONS. Always questions. Never answers.

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