Okay. I know we’ve all been busy with Cannes and upfronts and the season finale of One Tree Hill this week, which was SO CLEARLY designed to be a series finale, like, this whole season has been a long stretch of endless episodes of happy people, so next season, can Mark Schwan please kick out the jams and go out with the batshit-crazy bang we know he’s got percolating? I’m talking a gang of heart-eating feral dogs terrorizing Tree Hill. I’m talking about Dan Scott returning in a blaze of glory to murder people, then set their graves on fire and have mass guilt-hallucinations. I’m talking about Chad Michael Murray coming back to squint at people, HARD.

So, we’ve had a lot going on, is what I’m saying, and therefore we might have missed Gina Gershon here:


Girl. Everything you’re wearing looks like it was inflated with a bike pump and I’m including your hair in that equation. STOP THE MADNESS.