I initially veered back and forth on this from “nope” to “maybe,” and I’m almost certain some of that is because I’m still impressed she even bothered to leave the house, possessed of an infant as she is.

But the lipstick doesn’t seem to belong to this outfit– as if maybe wee Evelyn Mumford spit up all over her before she left the house and they had to whip a different frock onto her without time to blot her lips. The dress itself seems like a very haphazardly draped table at a wedding, and the shoes… could be worse, but certainly aren’t elevating this anywhere above a simple “oof.” I could not be more delighted that motherhood has broken her of wearing black 93 percent of the time, but I wish all that color-palette cheerfulness was being applied to stuff that’s more worthy. To the point where I’m paranoid that she’ll fall back INTO that fashion rut before we really get to see what she can do. STAY STRONG, CAREY. Embrace whatever Crayola has to offer.

[Photo: Getty]