It’s a bad sign for Nicky Hilton that I saw this photo from afar and thought, “Oh, Lord, here we go, another Real Housewife of Tackyville.”

Nicky Hilton arriving at Voyeur Nightclub in Hollywood

[Photo: Splash News]

It is here that I was going to write, “Then again, maybe Nicky Hilton would consider that a positive, since presumably none of the Real Housewives have to go to Thanksgiving with Paris.” But then Jessica informed me that, in fact, two of the Beverly Hills Real Housewives are Nicky’s aunts, meaning they probably DO have to go to Thanksgiving with Paris, or at least call her on the day and ask how she’s enjoying her acai berry smoothie with turkey juice or whatever. And thus there are no winners here. Sigh. I just don’t think our country can take this much tragedy.