I could not love this photo more.

The outfit… snore. The costumers still seem to have problems with proportion on Debra. The jacket itself isn’t a terrible idea, but with the long floaty shirt and the boring pants, the way it hits her mid-thigh isn’t really working. I  mean, maybe it IS just an outdoor coat, so whatever, but since this is a fantasy world in which the characters are never actually outside for more than thirty seconds and thus their ensembles don’t actually have to be functional, Job #1 seems to be: make them look really good that whole time. And the lines of this outfit are just sort of dumpy. Or zzzz.

But mostly I just wanted an excuse to end the day with this photo, because that face is hilarious. All it’s missing are some finger-snaps. I am imagining this punctuating a conversation with her terrible child on the show, or perhaps with the producers (“You want Julia to be MORE irritating and idiotic? YOU GOT IT”), or she’s describing a tussle with last season’s costumer in which they tried to duel with scarves. What do you think when you see this, Fug Nation? While away the rest of the day engaging in some fantasy captioning, if you will. Just for fun. Because it’s hump day and we need to help each other through the damn home stretch.

[Photo: Splash]