So, apparently this Teen Wolf show is catching on, eh? I’ve been hearing whispers of rabid fandom and fanfic, and the ratings are good. Who knew? I guess all you need is a man-beast and you’re good to go. Hear that, Community? Just make Joel McHale a tortured creature of myth and you’ll probably end up living forever.

Anyway, if it IS about to explode, then Crystal Reed had better mind what she wears to The Grove.

Wait, what am I saying? You don’t wear a shirt spotlighting your bra to shop at The Grove unless you want people to say, “Hey, who is that girl in the bra-shirt shopping at The Grove? She looks familiar. OMG IS IT A KARDASHIAN?!?!?!?” Mission probably accomplished, but here’s hoping next time she aims a wee higher — like, say, at, “Who’s that girl in the cute dress? Did we go to college together? OMG IS IT A KARDASHIAN?!?!??!” That feels like a step up, at least.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]