This is not really the look I expected from Ol’ C Love here:

Courtney Love is spotted leaving her hotel in Paris, wearing a scarf wrapped around her head and carrying her laptop


It’s like, with the head scarf and the flats and the coat and the Birkin, her new style icon is Queen Elizabeth. Which is admirable indeed — far be it from me to find fault with Her Majesty — shall we say, rather surprising? I can only hope that this means we’ll next see Courtney romping around in tweed suits and Wellies, with a whole gang of Corgis following her. Although now that I think about it, would Madonna feel that this was Courtney stepping on her Lady of the Manor shtick, and would it therefore lead to a schism between the Two Blonde Rock Stars of a Certain Age Who Actually Probably Already Hate Each Other Now That I Think About It? Is Madonna even doing that Lady of the Manor thing anymore? Or has she permanently moved onto Tracksuits and Fedoras, like she’s wearing the marriage of Sporty Spice and Enzo from Big Brother? And if so, will Courtney eventually start wearing THAT? Dude. I have to climb out of this psychological rabbit hole. My head is starting to hurt.