I feel so much BETTER about things when I know that Bai Ling is out and about, posing for photos in front of the valet stand at random Hollywood clubs, wearing long-ass crimped extensions and jeans cut so low that I begin to wonder if I tripped and fell into 2007:

Bai Ling

[Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

It’s like, that’s as it should be. Bai Ling is posing “seductively” in front of the valet stand, the person standing behind Bai Ling at the valet stand is thinking, “Am I seriously in this random paparazzi photo? I just want to get my car and go home. It’s a Tuesday night and my feet hurt in these shoes. This is all so AWKWARD for me,” and the valets are thinking, “Hang on just a second. We’re watching Bai Ling pose in front of our valet stand. God, this town is weird.” This is exactly what happens every night in this town. At least there’s something out there in this crazy world we can still count on. 

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