Lisa Rinna’s procedure-enhanced pout, over the years, has become legend. Her lips went from being plump to each one being an able applicant for a job as a draft-catcher. Seriously, you could jam one under your worst door and your energy bills would plummet.

Anyway, Lisa recently announced that she had her lips reduced. Here is a side-by-side.

Part of me applauds her, because her old lips were throw-pillows. Yet the rest of me thinks that by this point, it was her trademark — kind of like Posh’s boob implants — and therefore we, and she, may someday lament its passing (not to mention the reduction doesn’t seem to have made things look 100 percent natural either). Although, enduring a downsizing makes her deeply in tune with the rest of America in this economy. So in that sense perhaps she is one of the real heroes.
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