CARA BUONO; Suck on THIS, Don Draper! I look hot! REGRET MUCH?!

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: Sigh. Cara, you were never dating Don Draper. The show is a work of fiction.

ELISABETH MOSS: Suck on THIS, Fred Armisen! I look hot! REGRET MUCH?

CARA: Sigh. Elisabeth, you were never dating Fred Armisen. The show is a work of fiction.

CHRISTINA: No, that part really happened.

CARA: Seriously?

CHRISTINA: I think you should really be more concerned about how my dress is ever so slightly upholstered.

ELISABETH: Oh, no, that’s fine. I’m ever-so-slightly made of chain-mail.

CARA: And I ever-so-slightly look like a 1970s bar hostess. It’s all good.

Photo: Getty Images