Initially, I was going to fug this and fug it HARD.

ELLE's 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute - Arrivals
But that was mostly because of the hemline, and how I think it takes a very tall model and hacks her long legs into stumps of their true glory. The neckline has grown on me — it’s kind of a saucy take on the Jane Austen across-the-bust cuts — and I think she accessorized the nice rust color very well. Also, how come this spell-checker doesn’t recognize “accessorized” as a word? Come on now, this is 2010. If it’s even HALF a word, we verb it. As I did with the word “verb” just there, in fact. Our whole site involves nouning an adjective and verbing the noun and adjectiving the verb and… basically, we’re cross-pollinating all parts of speech. None of which has much to do with Molly Sims here, except that you might have a few choice nouns to verb about her outfit.

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