It is no secret that we like Mandy Moore around these parts:

Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures'

She’s so talented and pretty and yet there is something TOTALLY NORMAL about her, like she might just be that talented, pretty friend you have. I’ve liked her since “Candy,” because I’m obsessed with pop songs that include (a) spoken interludes and (b) the singer’s name, and “Candy” has (c) BOTH. And then I really liked her after she talked about how she had a really bad break-up and ended up moving to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to stare at the wall for a while, because who hasn’t wanted to do that in a time of romantical trauma? Plus, of course, she was in the best The Daughter of the President Just Wants to Be Normal, Dammit, Is That So Wrong??! movie ever, Chasing Liberty, which is both not very good and awesome at the same time. So, in short: MandMo = two thumbs up from me.