I like this so much better than almost everything Leighton Meester has worn lately.
14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala - Arrivals
This is a pretty girly dress — ruffles, glitter, ribbon, a powdery grey-blue. But somehow she manages to make it look edgy rather than twee. Maybe that’s the effect of the matchy, chunky shoe — somehow it makes this less ladylike. It’s a neat trick. Ordinarily I’d bristle against all the sameness of color, but in this instance it’s working for her and I think I’m sold. Also, I feel the need to applaud Leighton for not succumbing to her baser urges and turning the skirt into bike shorts or something. That must be rough — like a gambling addict who suspects a Teen Mom star is going to turn up on Dancing With The Stars next season and has to fight REALLY HARD not to phone his bookie.

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