I almost feel bad for not finding this more interesting, since somebody went out of his or her way to quirk up the shirt-dress concept.

Instead I just wonder if that little button chafed her neck all night — I get all itchy when stuff rubs my throat right there, in what soap opera directors might call The Throttle Zone. And that’s a shame, because the back isn’t terrible:

Celebrities at the

[Photo: Splash News]

Boy, that was a ringing endorsement, wasn’t it? “Not terrible”? It’s like my dad always says: “Nothing is so bad as something that is not-so-bad.” But I really don’t think this is so bad — if the cutout didn’t wrap around to her front, it might be sassy and cute and surprising; as it is, the bare parts poking at her abs make the top look rather bra-like. Which probably is its function — I mean, she can’t wear one with this dress because of the open back, so you might as well sculpt the front so that the girls are properly cuddled. I guess it gets points for planning.