The newly single Elisabeth Moss has been making the rounds at some foreign television yada-yada — I believe that’s the technical industry term for it — and because we’ve paid such close attention to her relative frumpitude in the past (and to her seeming to pull herself out of it at the Emmys in August), I thought I’d shine a light on what she’s been wearing over there at the yada-yada just to see how she’s doing. Are you with me? Good. I don’t like to drink alone. Er, and by drink I mean type. Obviously.

mipcom sundance channel photocall 061010


I like the simple elegance of the dress, and it certainly flatters her waist; I do wonder if a tailor could hem it to a more flattering length. Like, say, to right where the scroll detail starts. And I know she’s at a daytime event, but I’d love to see some more fun shoes with this — she’s fair-skinned, she’s wearing cream… that’s already a trick… and if she doesn’t want to go nighttime glam with her accessories then at least play with the footwear, Peggy. Shoes are your friend. Let them love you. LET THEM.
Next up, something even simpler:

mipcom mad man photocall 051010

Doesn’t get more basic than this, but she’s done it well: It’s sleek and well-proportioned, and this skirt’s hem illustrates exactly what was wrong with the first one. Her legs look super shapely in this, although I’m still weary of the shoe — that same boring beige slingback. It’s so practical, and in a way that almost makes practical a dirty word. Like, “Gee, Grandma, thanks — slacks are just what I needed. They’re so, um, practical.” In fact, they’re so practical, I’m almost yearning for even just a simple black pump.
mipcom ouverture 051010
I’d almost prefer slapping these shoes on her in the previous outfit and then getting something saucier — either trendier or strappier — to go with this awesome beaded dress, which I love on her and wish I could try on myself. Thank GOD she put the beige pumps out to pasture. Athough I’m sure even the cows sharing said pasture with those shoes are taking one look at them and then keeling over in a narcoleptic fit. Wow, in this post I’ve totally gone from being neutral on those poor slingbacks to wanting to bury them in a deep grave outside The Walking Store. I did not expect that. And I don’t think I feel that way about all beige slingbacks, just that the deployment of these in particular. Like, put a little curry powder in the omelet, you know? 
So in sum: I see some steps forward on the clothes, but I wish she had taken them in hotter shoes.